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Very tacky, LeBron ...

Posted on: July 8, 2010 10:21 pm
At first I thought it was all about ego - that LeBron James really has bought into this whole King James persona and thinks he really is some kind of royalty of Biblical proportion. Then I read about the Boys & Girls Club, and started to backtrack a little. I thought maybe LeBron is actually going to use this to raise some money AND also use it as a way to thank the city of Cleveland and its fans for this incredible life they have allowed him to live.
Unfortunately, my first impulse was right. It was an unchecked ego that put this little party together, and shame on ESPN for being a partner. If LeBron wants to get out of Cleveland (and really, who could blame him for that?) then fine, but this was a tacky thing to do to the fans that love you so much in your hometown. Here's hoping there are no rings waiting for LeBron in Miami ...
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